5 Simple Tricks to Help Speed Up Weight Loss

We all know how upsetting and frustrating it can be when we are following a weight loss programme and the numbers on the scale move so slowly that we fear that we will never achieve our weight loss goal. There are many sensible effective ways to help speed up weight loss, depending on the type of diet plan we are following. Some of the ideas below may be compatible to our current weight loss regime

Eat More Vegetables

We should aim to eat lots of low-calorie high fibre vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, or kale which provides our body with vital nutrients and also plenty of fibre to enable our body to maintain a healthy digestive system. Another advantage of eating these low-calorie foods throughout the day is that it signals to our body that it can boost up our metabolism and burn up any stored fat.

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Drink Lots of Water

Many of us find it difficult to drink adequate quantities of water, but every effort should be taken to try to increase consumption. Drinking plenty of water helps with the healthy functioning of our vital organs and muscles. It also helps flush toxins from the body, keeps our skin hydrated and gives us a general feeling of well-being. Keeping our body well hydrated is one of the fastest and simplest ways to speed up weight loss.

Restrict Refined Food Consumption

Over indulging in too many refined foods can result in a decline in our weight loss. Refined foods can be best described as any food or beverage which either does not exist in nature or does not resemble the original natural form it would normally appear. We should strictly limit our consumption of refined foods to promote weight loss. These should include foods such as bread, potato chips, fried foods, cured meats, chopped and reformed fish and meat processed foods, in fact any food that has not developed naturally in its present form.

Eat Foods Which Boost Fat Burning

There are many foods which help boost our fat burning metabolism because they increase the heat and energy expenditure in the body. Eating a small portion of these foods on a daily basis can help us burn extra calories and speed up weight loss. These foods include chili peppers, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and for a refreshing beverage we should opt for green tea. These are all well-known for their fat burning potential.

Cardiovascular Workouts

We all know that physical activity speeds up the burning of stored fat in our body. Perhaps we have difficulty facilitating long cardio workout sessions due to our busy schedules or perhaps we are physically unable to perform long-enduring workout routines. If we fall into either of these categories we should attempt to try to do a few shorter sessions throughout the day if possible. Good cardio exercises include activities such as brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, dancing and swimming.

What We Should Never Do to Speed Up Weight Loss:

Above we have covered steps which will help us to get off to a flying start in speeding up weight loss, but we also need to address the things which we should never do.

We should never starve ourselves in order to lose weight quickly. Initially we may indeed shed a few pounds, but our body will then begin to switch to survival mode and begin to conserve and store fat and fluids, which leads our weight to stagnate and we may even gain weight.

We should never be tempted to take dangerous supplements to help speed up weight loss. There are numerous ones that claim to help us lose weight quickly, but they may cause serious side effects such as liver or kidney damage, hyperactivity, palpitations or even worse. There is no safe, risk free, quick fix solution to weight loss without changing our habits and lifestyle. We need to take a more sensible approach to ensure our health is not compromised in any way.

Over exercising to help speed up weight loss is another thing we should not attempt. It is fine to workout, and even pushing ourselves a little harder by increasing intensity and performing longer workouts, but we should be cautious and look out for signs that we are pushing our body to extremes. If we are experiencing pain or having breathing problems or our muscles feel strained or weak, then we are getting indications that we are overdoing it. Although our workouts should be challenging, they should not be too extreme which means we either cannot manage them or they may cause injury.

We need to employ common sense when implementing these tips. We would all like quick results when we embark on a weight loss programme, but we must always remember that rapid weight loss can be detrimental to our health and well-being.

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