Weight Loss Advice For Beginners - Ten Top Weight Loss Tips

The weight loss industry is flooded with programs, diet plans and products that all promise you a body beautiful. For any newcomer to losing weight, it can be so easy to become overwhelmed and make bad decisions that can hamper your efforts to lose weight. It is hard to get simple, honest and good advice as all these product sellers have their own agenda.

Let me give you some great weight loss advice for beginners, here are my ten top weight loss tips: -

1. Get Checked Over By Your Doctor

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Before you do anything, go and get checked out by your doctor. You need to establish that it is safe for you to lose weight or if you even need to lose weight. Share your thoughts with your doctor and listen carefully to their advice.

2. Establish Your Reason

Think about why you really want to lose weight, do you want to improve your health, lose the beer belly or just boost your overall fitness? Your reason has to big and important enough to make you take positive action.

3. Start Doing Something

Sitting on the sofa just thinking about losing weight will not achieve anything, procrastination has killed many weight loss dreams. I will definitely start my diet tomorrow, next week, next month, it simply will not happen. Do something healthy and positive today, even if it is just eating a healthy breakfast or going for a walk. Get off the sofa and do something now.

4. Make A Few Small Changes Rather Than Lots Of Drastic Ones

It is far easier to make a few sensible changes to your basic eating habits than lots of drastic ones. You are far more likely to stick to them and form healthy long term eating habits. Introduce more healthy changes as you go along.

5. Give Yourself Time To Lose Weight

Phil Collins once sang that you can't hurry love, the same could be said for weight loss. Crash diets may give you fast short term weight loss, but it rarely leads to you keeping the weight off permanently or long term happiness.

6. Take Regular Exercise

You can not achieve permanent weight loss and develop a healthy lifestyle without taking regular exercise. You should eventually aim for 3-4 sessions a week of cardio, but start slowly and build up your fitness. Become more active on a daily basis, walking is a great starting point and a superb habit to adopt.

7. Choose An Excellent Weight Loss Program

You need to choose a program that promotes sensible weight loss (1-2 pounds a week), provides you with enough calories a day (cutting 500 a day is good guide) and offers on-going advice and support. Your program should also incorporate regular exercise and educate you about your relationship and behaviour towards food. Avoid really expensive programs and those that do not offer a guarantee.

8. Have Realistic Expectations

You are not going to lose a stone in two weeks and keep it off. Any amount of loss is a loss and should encourage you. Unrealistic expectations, aims or goals will leave you frustrated, de-motivated and even wanting to quit.

9. Don't Go Back To Your Old Habits

Some people view losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle as purely a short term measure, once they reach their target weight, they then return to their old habits. Unfortunately they are the habits that resulted in them becoming overweight in the first place. You should always view your healthy quest as making lifestyle changes rather than being on a diet.

10. Never Give Up

It may sound obvious, but you will not fail if you don't give up. Things happen in life and your progress may slow or you may even start gaining weight. This is not a signal to give up on your hopes and dreams. Dust yourself off and get back to basics, consistency is always the key.

If you follow my weight loss advice for beginners and stick to my top ten tips for weight loss, I am confident that you will realise your weight loss goals. Good Luck.

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