Weight Loss Hypnosis: Staying In Control In A Supersized World

In a supersized world, people have many opportunities to eat and drink WAY too much, but what's behind obesity is usually more than craving a large order of fries. In America, a major diet industry has grown around obesity and forces overweight people to pay a big price for trendy diets, pills, or expensive and high-risk surgeries. By eliminating carbohydrates or fat, taking pills or injections, sprinkling crystals on your food, resorting to surgical intervention, or drinking miracle diet potions, many dieters temporarily lose pounds - but they do not lose the mindset that contributes toward weight gain. The result is that after all that hard work and potentially spending thousands of dollars, most dieters gain back their weight and feel even more discouraged.

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Weight loss hypnosis can help you change how you feel and get control of your bad dieting habits.

Weigh Loss Hypnosis Breaks Down WHY You Eat

Hypnosis training has helped people lose weight sustainably by changing how they feel about their eating habits, reducing stress and pressure and learning how to relax. Eating too much has nothing to do with hunger, but instead has everything to do with high stress, racing thoughts, and other negative emotional feelings that food allows a person to distract themselves from feeling.

Like all hypnosis, weight loss hypnosis uses the power of suggestion while people are in a relaxed state as long as the suggestions are consistent with what the person WANTS to do in the first place. Part of the emphasis is on shifting preferences and choices toward better choices in food and overcoming your food cravings. Since many dieters have negative thought patterns that encourage them to use donuts and cheesy bacon bowls to change how they feel, weight loss hypnosis also encourages you to see yourself as a strong person who does not need food to change anything. You learn to see changing eating patterns not as deprivation but as empowering and easy because it's what you want to do in the first place.

Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis can be thought of as a skill - a tool that people use to relax, change their perspectives and feelings in a healthier, more positive and useful way. All hypnosis is "self hypnosis" so the person is 100% in charge of how it work and what the results are. The hypnotist is like a trainer who teaches and guides the person in a relaxed and easy way to learning what they need to be successful. This is all based, of course, on the DECISION to lose weight the person makes in the first place - hypnosis is never a replacement for a personal decision. Neither the hypnotist nor hypnosis itself can "make" a person do anything. The person has to want to lose weight, then hypnosis can support that decision and often they never have to be on another diet again.

Why Hypnosis Is A Great Weight Loss Approach

Successful weight loss depends on motivation. When people start on diets, they tend to be fired up when starting out. They may lose weight, but when the progress slows down, they may get discouraged. Even someone who has lost a considerable amount of weight plateaus at certain points as the body fights against weight-loss.

When you try hard to lose and you're not losing much, discouragement makes it easier to rationalize falling off the wagon. You think, "I'm not losing anyway, so I might as well have that hot fudge sundae." Or, "I didn't exercise today, so just forget it - the week is ruined." Weight loss hypnosis trains you to think like thin people, make decisions about food like this people and eat like thin people. Contrary to some thinking, naturally thin people are not that way because they always eat chicken and salad with no dressing. Instead, they know what would feel good in their stomachs BEFORE they eat, then they can eat what they want in moderation, and know when to stop eating based on how they FEEL, and regard treats as occasional small indulgences, not a daily necessity of junk food that they later feel emotionally and physically lousy about eating.

Weight loss hypnosis promotes safe weight loss. It keeps your attitude positive, even when weight loss is slow at times because while the weight loss will always fluctuate a little from week to week, the other results of hypnosis such as improved self esteem, relaxation, motivation and a calm state of mind continue to grow. Hypnosis changes the connection between food and emotions as it re-creates proper states of minds toward eating. Because the program does not rely on drugs and there are no diets of any kind, hypnosis is a healthy approach to weight loss that can leave you slimmer, more relaxed and with substantial changes in how you approach food and your emotions.

As with all hypnosis, most people can respond to suggestions made when they are in a very relaxed state. A good hypnotist will evaluate whether you're a good candidate for weight loss hypnosis based on the strength of your desire to change, and your willingness to accept training and follow instructions.

How Do You Select A Weight-Loss Hypnotist?

Weight loss hypnosis is most effective when performed by professionals who have a lot of experience with hypnosis in general and hypnosis for weight loss in particular. Make sure to ask about their training and their history successes working with many weight loss people. They should be able to show plenty of favorable results and have actual comments and outcomes provided by people.

If you're ready to stop dieting forever and create a healthy, easy attitude toward food, weight loss hypnosis may be right for you.

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