Exercise - A Must For Weight Loss

Weight loss is essential for people who are overweight, otherwise it would lead to various health hazards. Exercise is a must for people of all age groups in order to stay fit and healthy. Eating a fatless diet does not necessarily cut weight. One must maintain a balance between the intake of food and calories burnt per day. Regular exercise for a few minutes everyday gives better results in the long run, as compared to dieting.

Aerobic Exercise for weight loss.

Aerobic exercise is the best form of exercise for weight loss. This form of exercise drastically reduces weight without the need to compromise on your nutritional food. Aerobics stimulate the metabolic rate and make the body burn fat. Dieting can lead to only loss of muscle and fat, but aerobics cause burning of fat and building of muscle as well. Since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, the results from aerobics is long-lasting.

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The two types of Aerobic exercises that we see are high impact and low impact aerobics. Alternating between high impact and low impact exercises is advised as it helps in reducing the overuse of muscles and prevention of any kind of injury to them. Walking and aerobic dance are low impact aerobic exercises while some good aerobic activities are rowing, swimming and cycling.

Beginners must start with 15 minutes of low impact aerobics three times a week. Gradually increase to 30 minutes and four times a week. Before exercising, a warm up and after the session a cool down are a must. About 20 -30 minutes of regular workout three times a week is very helpful for your heart. Heart is strengthened and it will be able to pump oxygen-rich blood to the various parts of your body. Life is prolonged and youthful appearance is maintained by regular exercise.

Strength Training for weight loss.

Strength training is an important form of exercise for weight loss. It is good for any age group. Weight lifting and resistance exercises performed twice a week helps in building muscle mass. A combination of aerobics and strength training is the best form of fitness regimen. These exercises help in strengthening the heart and lungs and also increase the muscle mass. Weight loss increases by 56% with weight training and aerobics combination.

Building muscle mass with these exercises helps in fighting body ailments. Lifting weights tones and firms muscles. Using moderate weights dose not result in huge muscle mass, but it increases the body metabolism, firms the body and gives a slim look. Aerobic exercises can enhance your heart beat rate and breathing. This causes the heart to work harder and pump oxygenated blood to the various body parts more efficiently. Thus the danger of cholesterol blocks and blood clots in the arteries of the heart is reduced.

Work Out Methods for weight loss.

According to your interest and physical condition, you can choose from bicycling, aerobics, swimming, brisk walking and steps for weight loss. Alternating between them gives you better results.


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